Unlocking Faith

When a Christian hears “the faith chapter”, they instantly think of Hebrews 11. While that chapter is great, I think James 2 is just as powerful as it talks about unlocking faith. In James 2:22, it says that our faith and actions work together to make our faith complete. The bottom line here is that our actions help us unlock our faith.

If I had a test coming up in school and I believed I would ace it without studying, would that be enough? No, because while I have faith, I have no works, and my attempt to act super spiritual would end with me failing the test.

In that situation, I can make my faith complete by believing I will do well, praying to God asking Him for help, then preparing for the test. By doing this, I am allowing my faith and actions to work together to produce the desired result, me passing the test.

Now really, that is the key to unlocking great faith, putting it into motion. God can do miraculous things, but He needs us doing our part too. If we can combine God’s limitless power and resources with our willingness to act on the opportunities He gives us, there is literally nothing we cannot do.

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