Not Or but And

No I do not love conjunctions. I have recently realized that God does not want us to live lives of “or”, but He wants us to live lives of “and”. What does this all mean?

Let’s say I have $5 and I walk into a restaurant for lunch. The sandwich costs $5, the slices of pizza costs $5 and the chicken Cesar costs $5. I am limited to “or” for lunch because of my limited resources. I can have the sandwich or the pizza or the salad. Now imagine I just cashed my paycheck and I go in with $20. Now, I am dealing with “and” and not “or.” I can get the sandwich and pizza and salad and even beyond that I can get a piece of cake for dessert. My resources determine whether I will live by “and” or whether I will live by “or”.

These rules apply to everything in life, not just lunch. I may think that because of my lack of ability that I can only choose between one goal “or” another. And while that may be true when I am living on my own resources and ability, I know that I can tap into someone who has no limits. I can get plugged into God’s economy where lack is not in the dictionary.

Now, all of a sudden, I am living the “and” lifestyle. I do not have to choose between one dream, one blessing or another, I can have them all. My Father has all the resources already and He wants to give them to me freely so I can tap into the “and” lifestyle where I will never lack and never know any limitations.

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