Be the Blue Sock

Recently I went to the washing machine to collect my whites so I could put them in the dryer. However, to my surprise, I did not see any whites in there. A single blue sock had turned all of my white clothes a light shade of blue. This was unfortunate because I had a shirt in there I really liked that now was blue and not fit to wear out in public.

After I got over the fact I had to wear blue underwear until the next day, I thought of the impact that one sock had on my entire load of laundry. By itself, it changed the entire complexion of my wardrobe. That led me to the parallel of the sock, my life, the laundry and the world.

I thought of Jesus and the impact He made on the world. He could just walk into a place and demons would flee, healings would occur and people would start glorifying God. He was just one man, but when He was thrown into a sinful world, it began to change around Him.

I then evaluated my life and told myself that I wanted to have an impact like that. I want the Spirit of God to be so full inside of me that wherever I go, I bring change. People will know there is something different about me and want to find out about it, so I guess what I really wanted was to be just like the blue sock.

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