Big Game Players

In athletics, the “big game player” is celebrated and cheered. He is the one who always seems to do his best when the lights are brighter and the stakes are higher. People in the stands all admire that athlete and all wish they too could be a “big game player” too.

However in life, the greatest people are not always the ones who give their all in “big games.” See “big games” are few in life. We do have our share of big events or situations, but for the most part, life is a continuing cycle of repetitive, and many times mundane events.

In the game of life, if you only show up for the “big games”, you will not be very successful. Yeah you may give 100% when the spotlight is on you, but what about when no one is looking, will you have the character to maintain your integrity? What about when you no longer feel the desire to work on your marriage or go to a job you do not like, will you have the strength to keep going?

The real test of a great person is not the big games but all the little ones along the way. If you can develop faithfulness in those small games, then don’t worry, you will be able to perform when the big ones come along.

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